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Convergeance between data and customer marketing, CRM and Marketing automation.

Convergence is a keyword for businesses looking for solutions combining data access, security, and automated processing. In the area of big data, businesses are asking questions about new automatic solutions for data access (counts, append, deduplication, updates), leads management, data security..

Keeping in mind consultancy built around data and accompanying its clients faced with the digital challenge, COMBBASE has developed the concept of Data Digital Platform and a web services solutions leportailbtob.com and leportailbtoc.com as well as, in both B2B and B2C


Data Digital Platform

COMBBASE has developed a DDP (Data Digital Platform) - all in one.

  • Housing of all your databases to use them for Direct Marketing campaigns,
  • Automatic data update,
  • Automatic enrichment of your data matched with the INSEE data (SIRENE database), financial data, scores (lifestyle notation), names/job roles (functions), phone, mobile, email addresses (...),
  • Marketing automation including a tracking and a Lead management,
  • CRM and Platform solutions including a ''counting toor application on all the criteria provided and the other criteria enriched
  • Google map application

For B2B

Both COMBBASE and DATA PROJECT have developed leportailbtob.com including several applications:

  • Audit of file (profiling, scoring)
  • Data processing
  • Counting
  • Upload and download (alerts)
  • Audit, Data processing, Counting, Customer Database Hosting

For B2C: leportail-b2c.com

Upon request we can provide you with a client space in B2C, leportail-btoc.com, which includes the same applications as in BtoB with leportailbtob.com

  • Housing...
  • Automatic matching of the customers data with one of the biggest marketing database of the market
  • Automatic enrichment...
  • Counting tool on all the customers and marketing criteria
  • The housing of your files and your data, putting in place the processing of updating and enrichment, as well as the counting tool, files upload and download applications

Another solution in B2B

  • Marketing automation
  • Clever Form
  • Remote data loading (based on Siret ID numbers)
  • A smart online form: auto-entry of company data (the form is connected to the INSEE, French business registration database): all the company information is displayed by simply entering the company name
  • Catchment area : geolocation of a customer and prospect file, compared to retail (shops, agencies, dealers, distributors …) with the possibility of selecting the distance.
Advice and support: for any questions about your CRM and Marketing automation tool, our team is available to developp especially your project and the « appli » you need!
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