Data at the heart of customer knowledge and relations.

Data quality is a key component in CRM and marketing expertise.
COMBBASE supports its customers in all of their database project including migration and data integration, and cheaning, updating and address processing

COMBBASE simplifies your data

We accompany you faced with the upheaval of digital transformation and Open Data

Our job: manage data, all data, -customers, prospects and leads-wherever they corne from, and make them digestible and exploitable.

B2B  COMBBASE calls on the expertise and the resources of its subsidiary, DATA PROJECT
B2C COMBBASE calls on the expertise and the resources of its subsidiary, EUROLEADS and brings together and acts as a liaison among the main partners in the markets.

Audit, advice and support

We accompagny you faced with the deal of migration, updating the database.
We accompagny you faced with the leagal rules of hosting and managing the data.

  • Key points
  • Best practice
  • Legal practice
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Menagment

Our job: Manage data, all the datas! Customers, prospects and leads, wherever they come from and make them digestible and exploitable for analysis, dataming and marketing campaigns.

  • Advice and support (database and CRM)
  • Web services
  • Scoring B2B
  • Scoring B2C
  • Customer data analysis and targeting(B2B/B2C)
  • List media planning(B2B/B2C)
  • and SMS broadcast and campaigns

Data processing

Processing is vital for building a structured database, which serves both as a cornerstone of CRM, a guiding line for marketing (direct and digital), and a tool used by salespeople to prospect customers

  • Postal Normalization
  • Deduplication
  • Moved
  • Flagging (business, consumer)
  • Scoring
  • Updating

CRM and enriched customer data (appending)

Enriched customer data serves to improve the knowledge (and segmentation) of the database and helps to roll out targeted marketing.

  • B2B : enrichment if the customer data (Siren / Siret ID number (Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), IRIS data, Contacts names, and job titles, phone numbers, SMS, URL, Email addresses (appending email based on Siren / Siret ID number + reverse appending email (Siret / Siret ID number + postal address) based on the email address), Scores in terms of “Lifestyle”, “Purchasing Power” , wealth tax, income and trending value score, Data on finances / financial criteria, Risk, Capital relations and financial links
  • B2C : enrichment of customer data (socio-professional category, interests, Scores (Wealth score, Trending value score, Generational score), Email, SMS

Updating data (data quality)

Updating the database is vital to data quality:

  • Flagging inactive addresses
  • Flagging names/job roles (function)
  • Flagging movers and supplying new adresses
  • Reloactions
  • Qualifying « Goneaways » and « nixies » notifications
  • Qualifying fusacq

Alerts (Keeping a watch on customer files : processing inactives and relocations)

The introduction of surveillance and alerts on a weekly or monthly basis ensures the continuous updating of the database (customer files, prospects, etc.) and a considerable reduction in the cost of undelivered mailpieces (“goneaways”, “Nixies”, etc.)

  • Primary audit of the database to qualify and estimate the « alert » needs
  • Estimation of the « alert » frequency
  • Set up the « alert » process and platform







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