International markets are also a source of B2B growth.

COMBBASE relies on its partner EUROLEADS, which has excellent knowledge of international markets (regarding marketing and data) and a strong and unique international experience, to meet  customers’expectations.

20% of COMBBASE’s turnover is achieved abroad.

EUROLEADS is a member of a European network called “List4Europe” with offices in the UK, Spain, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway and Italy.

COMBBASE and its partner EUROLEADS offer a complete range of marketing services.
Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of European markets, they can cover all aspects of every customer’s data and direct marketing operations.

  • Multi-country and multilingual B2B/B2C lists media planning: direct mail, email, telemarketing (depending on the quality of the lists available and the prevailing legislation in each country).
  • Roll-out of digital marketing campaigns: social networks, referencing, SEO / SEM, retargeting.
  • Strategic and creative adaptations: operational recommendations for moving into European markets in the best possible manner and ensuring campaign ROI.

Both COMBBASE and EUROLEADS offer database and marketing advice, support and audit

  • Usefull recommendations for Lists mediaplanning and launching and managing multi-channel campaigns, taking account of the prevailing regulation in each country.
  • Legał advice on data protection and regulation in all European countries. Both COMBBASE and EUROLEADS propose database treatments and hosting Solutions

Both COMBBASE and EUROLEADS offer database treatments and hosting Solutions

  • Data Processing: Postał normalisation. deduplication)
  • Append of named contacts and job titles.
  • B2B database hosting.

COMBBASE and EUROLEADS network of partners in Europę with List4Europe

  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Grece
  • Poland
Any questions regarding your international data marketing or digital marketing needs?
COMBBASE and EUROLEADS’ teams and its network List4Europe are here to give you recommendations, including legislation ones.
For more information:

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Tel +33 (0)1 45 22 02 51


Arnaud Le Lann
Tel +33 (0)1 43 27 47 51







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