B2B lists media planning

Building lists recommendations is in COMBBASE's DNA

COMBBASE has placed "customer knowledge" at the heart of its development.

COMBBASE relies both on its subsidiaries, DATA PROJECT which allows it to reply in the most suitable way - in a totally impartial manner - to customer demand.

A complete overview

  • B2B postał databases based on INSEE and BODACC (the 2 main B2B sources from the French State), enhanced with postał address, named contacts, job titles, phone number, URL, mobile, email,
  • BtoB behavior files (e-commerce, mail-order sales, Press, Mobility...)
  • Co-opemail datapool including (Siret ID numbers)
  • Multichannel databases (postał, landline and mobile phones, email, fax)
  • B2B response lists source from e-commerce, mail order, press, subscribers, telecoms.
  • Data targeting specific job functions: main managers, IT, HR, marketing, communication, legał, etc.) and specific activities (healthcare, construction, IT. Wholesale, manufacturing...)
  • A datapool based on Lifestyle and Purchasing Power scores
  • Combined B2B / B2C data : addresses of heads of property investment companies (SCIs), personal and Professional addresses of managers, SoHos...

Lists media planning and deduplication

As part of its lists recommendations, COMBBASE can manage and supervise the data deduplication works (the lists media planning and deduplication, the selection of the addresses "net and deduplication”).

  • He sur booking works: net names policy (lists selections are filtered with Lifestyle and Purchasing Power scores)

Best practice, before it issues any lists recommendations, it carries out an analysis of the Client1 file (profiling, mapping, segmentation, scoring) so as to identify “core target" customers and limit the scope of prospection.

Activities of COMBBASE are 80% in France and 20% international area EUROLEADS and List4Europe add an international area.


Lists Management

Euroleads is the oldests list manager in France, with some of our data owners marketing their lists exclusively through us since more than 25 years
Our list management policy is centered aroung a complete respect of legal framers, and in a totally transparents sales procces.







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