Advice, Support and Audit

Data at the heart of customer marketing.

COMBBASE relies on its partner EUROLEADS to provide complete data marketing services internationally  and to always meet customers’ expectations.

COMBBASE helps businesses to:

  • Manage all kinds of data, wherever they come from, and make them understandable and exploitable for analysis, segmentation, customer relationship management andcustomer campaigns.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, especially the french law called “Loi Lemaire”in France and the European “General Data Protection Regulation” (GPDR) and “Privacyby design”, regarding collect, data protection, hosting and storage. It also facilitates implementing internal rules, negotiations and amending contracts with subcontractors.

Advice and support (Databases and CRM):

  • Implement their database (advice and audit: integration, organisation, structure, hosting, updates, data management rule, data quality, data security, and protection)
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations and particularly French “Loi Lemaire”, European “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) : collect, data protection, hosting, storage (…) and “Privacy by design”.
  • Integrate CRM: segmentation of the customer base, data management, campaign monitoring, review of results
  • Optimise their lists selections: customer analysis and profiling, selection and targeting criteria, choice of multi-channel files, post + telephone + email + display coupling, handling of deduplication processing, address scoring
  • Target, implement, and monitor their direct and digital marketing campaigns: recommended actions, advice on targeting, campaign management and deployment, yield analysis, follow-up actions.

Web services

  • Automatic tools and solutions for processing, updating and enriching your data
  • The implementation of an integrated counting solution
  • File management (upload / download Real-time access
  • The availability of your data crossed and enriched with those of the market, available 24/7.

Predictive scoring (B2B)

COMBBASE developed 10 years ago the first B2B score of the market as the scores used to be developed in B2C.
At the beginning of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) COMBBASE knows how to manage all steps  of the "customer knowledge" :

  • "LifeStyle  index : 9 million scored companies = the propensity of companies to spend and invest,
  • Purchasing Power Index : 9 million scored companies = the ability of companies to finance their spending and investments,
  • "Predictive" score : on-demand scoring of client base based on customer data and management data, with market data (Insee, Bodacc, Balance sheets, other financial and capital data, evolution data, open data, corporate behavioral data, etc.)

Thanks to these scores, 4 means to better know and better understand its customer database, to focus and prioritize its marketing and commercial actions, to target its multi-channel marketing campaigns and select its lists media planning :

  • As a study support : the analysis of the client profiles (mapping) and the scoring of the client database,
  • Relationship management (CRM) : the segmentation and the enrichment of the client database (1 client = 1 score),
  • Reactivation campaigns (cross-selling, up selling) : the identification of "look like" prospects that are most like the best customers and offer the best development potential (neighbors, twins) and the projection of the scores in the prospect database (1 prospect = 1 score)
  • Prospecting campaigns (conquest, recruitment of new customers) : the identification of "look like" companies in the market that are most like the best customers and offer the best development potential (neighbors, twins) and the projection of the scores in the SIRENE database (INSEE) then the selection of lists media planning (single use, multiple use of files)

This Scoring is in the DNA of COMBBASE.
It is a best practice of "customer knowledge", Customer Relationship Management (CRM), qualification and targeting of the Marketing Plan , focus on Lists media planning (French PMF) and optimization of the action of sellers, always towards the same deal : more leads, a better targeting of the campaigns (loyalty, reactivation, conquest), the development of the sales and the increase of ROI.


Customer data analysis and targeting (B2B / B2C):

COMBBASE develops solutions that aim to analyze and study customers’ files based on customer data(management, billing, sales data) and INSEE and/or BODACC State sources and/or financial data:

  • A proven method based on profiling (plus mapping), followed by scoring and segmenting the customer’s file
  • A deliverable in the form of a study report along with an enhanced file (typology, flags), which candirectly be integrated in the database / CRM
  • Results and data that can directly be used as CRM tools (reactivation and cross-selling, campaigntargeting, selection of the most suitable channels)

Results (typology or flag combined with address) can be projected onto prospection files (deduplication) to select the best addresses and optimize Lists mediaplanning.

Lists media planning:

COMBBASE can manage all phases and steps of a marketing plan (multichannel)

  • Strategic audit
  • Targeting recommendation and address scoring
  • Selection of criteria, files and channels
  • Campaign deployment
  • Marketing Plan
  • Broadcasting of Emails ans SMS campaigns
  • Yield analysis

Emailing and SMS campaigns:

COMBBASE has integrated an email and a SMS broadcasting platform, which insures the complete management of customer loyalty and conquest marketing campaigns :

  • Campaign implementation
  • Integration of HTML messages
  • Final document / media validation and tests
  • Checking of message deliverability
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Results analysis (openers, clickers, etc.)
  • Update of the database (hard bounces, unsubscribed, etc.)

Communication plan and digital marketing

To face digital challenges, COMBBASE has its own Digital Agency, COMSPHERE.To face digital challenges, COMBBASE has its own Digital Agency, COMSPHERE.

Combbase plays the middleman between Data and Digital matters. It provides consultancy and creative solutions, whilst helping companies who suffer from a lack of visibility in search engines and social networks (compared to their competitors) and who want to boost their online presence.

COMBBASE offers a personalised digital communication plan:

  • Brand positioning on the web and in social networks,
  • Operational recommandation: Digital Marketing Plan,
  • Creative advice : websites, banners, email
  • HTML message encoding
  • Lists mediaplanning,
  • Natural and/or fee-based SEM/SEO







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